Thank you for your interest and love in Macrogen for the last 20 years.
We, Macrogen, have organized an event to express our gratitude.
•  Who can participate   Customers who have used Macrogen service
•  How to participate
1) Free-format video recording
– Subject: What does Macrogen mean to you?
– Recording length: 15 seconds or more
– Tips to increase your chances of winning: Fun! Unique! Interesting!
– Including a brief introduction of yourself and a feedback of Macrogen’s service would be better.
2) Upload video on YouTube to a public
3) Please email your YouTube video URL and personal information to <>
for receiving your prize
– Description: YouTube URL, Name, Cell phone number, Email address, (Current residential) address
•  Prizes
1) Participation Award: : $50 Amazon Gift Card for all participants who joined the event
2) Popularity Award:
– 1st place: Amazon Gift Card worth of $3,000
– 2nd place: Amazon Gift Card worth of $2,000
– 3rd place: Amazon Gift Card worth of $1,000
– Selected by total the number of views and likes from videos on YouTube
3) Special Award: $500 Amazon Gift Card
– Macrogen will select 3 special videos
* Importance Notice
– Your personal information will be used only for presenting prizes, and will be discarded 30 days after event closed
– You must upload your video on YouTube to a public and email us for finalizing your participation
– The winners must submit the original work to Macrogen and those videos will be posted on the Macrogen’s official
YouTube channel
– Awarded videos can be used as marketing tools
•  Who can participate   Anyone visiting Macrogen’s official Facebook
•  How to participate
1) Click the ‘Like’ on Macrogen’s official Facebook page
2) Comment for the Macrogen’s 20th anniversary to the Facebook post (Event Details)
•  Prizes   $5 Amazon Gift Card to 200 winners