There is a big question with the lifespan of men in connection to the term ‘mutation’. For many years, there has not been any concrete evidence from researches that can prove this issue right or wrong. But at present, there will be an end to all the questions with just one answer. The problem is that we have countless questions and uncertainties, which will make the story about mutation and lifespan of men endless. But here are some points that will support linking of lifespan in men and gene mutation. This article will provide you the wording of scientists with their professional point of view.

  1. Genetic mutation adds 10 years to the lifespan of men. Scientific authority says that men who undergo mutation increased an inch in their height and have to bring factors that automatically repairs their They believe that it can slow down the aging of men. But there is another issue that they address in the study. It shows that having your growth hormones leveling low is a better way to stimulate lifespan for another 10 years.
  1. Gene mutation in connection. The permanent DNA alternation sequencing of the genes. It is true that we have an unique genetic information that we acquire before we are born. Genetic mutation can affect a single trend DNA to the double and the big segment with multiple genes in the chromosomes. In connection to the lifespan of men, there are two ways in terms of genetic mutation. It can be by heredity or you acquire it in the passing of time.
  1. Growth hormones as a factor in the lifespan of men. There can be biases in the study because only males seem to have good results while there hasn’t been much change in females. The study says that the lifespan of men is more dominant when they have low level of growth hormones. To put it simple, shorter men have more chances of increasing their lifespan by 10 years than those whose height is over 6 foot on average.
  1. Gene mutation is basically the gene rich in receptor gene’s exon 3 (d3-GHR). Among all the living men in the world, people carry two receptor gene’s exon 3 (d3-GHR) have the age increase. The compound carries many functional protein enzymes that help to live longer. Also, men with two receptor gene’s exon 3 (d3-GHR) in genes are taller in inch than average men.

To sum up, there are many factors that affect the lifespan of men. It can be fewer growth hormones or the extra receptor gene’s exon 3 (d3-GHR). But there is a certain proof in the study that mutation tends to respond to receptor gene’s exon 3 (d3-GHR) and surge the growth hormones. Most of the changes happen when men are in the puberty state. Therefore, if the change happens too slowly, there is a big chance that additional lifespan is addends men. Growth can also be associated with the factor of slow aging, and there are active researches going on to prove the speculations.