Gene expression is a process of converting the DNA into other useful products for the survival of the cell. Commonly, gene expression gives instruction to our DNA to be converted into a more functional product like proteins. The information in our DNA is converted into another instruction for making protein and other useful molecules, and this process is what we call ‘gene expression’. Gene expression is actually a process in gene and making use of the DNA instruction to be converted into a more useful material. The process of expression helps us to adopt ourselves to environmental changes. Imagine that this expression has automatic on and off features. Once there is a big production in the gene expression, there will also the force that maintains the flow of the product.

How Yoga Affects your Expression

There is certain outer force that can affect the process of gene expression. One of this is meditation and other related practices such as yoga. However, how can it affect the gene expression? This article will unravel the true nature of meditation of other related practice that will sight the reason why it affects gene expression.

Meditation, Tia Chi, Yoga, and Qigong are the practices where MBIs (Mind-Body Interventions) is observed. It is proved in many studies that MBIs (Mind-Body Interventions) have the tendency to regulate the process of genetic expression. It shows that MBIs can revise molecular signature that causes chronic stress, which can be connected to the inflammation-related illnesses, aging, and mortality. Meditation helps to prevent this illness through the process of MBIs. Some experts say that MBIs is an agent that deals with facilitating the mind to handle body activities and reject disease causes and symptoms.

Many people around the world are satisfied with outcomes of the MBIs such as meditation and yoga. There is a big difference between Meditation, Yoga; and Tai Chi, Qigong. One is to help your mind relax and the other affect your gene expression. Going back to the real question, how MBIs activities affect the gene expression? Results say that all of this activity affects the gene expression. It can be the increase and decrease of the process with an expression of genes that is as it stated above trigger the cause of inflammation and stress. Presenting the compound NF-κB that is always there we feel stress and have inflammation is reduced with the help of MBIs (Mind-Body Interventions).

The record of who we are can be found in our gene in the DNA. While it is true that MBIs really affect the process of expression in the gene, many are patronizing the activity. There is nothing to lose doing MBIs activities as it proves that it can be a great help four us. Every gene is dynamic and they have a unique expression that made the mind calm that is the reason why our gene expression is affected. Good thing the effect is good and helps us to handle inflammation and stress. MBIs is a natural way to achieve peace from inside and outside.