Among the different types of mental and emotional disorders, the obsessive compulsive disorder is a very common one. There are a lot of people having this disorder and they are unsure what they want to do with their lives. Although it is known that this disorder is because of the brain, it wasn’t known what actually causes it. Thanks to the continuous research, today the scientists are able to answer it.

Obsessive compulsive disorder, most commonly known as OCD, has been found to be linked with four brain genes. All the genes are responsible to play a vital role in the brain circuit. By identifying the roles of the genes in the brain, it can be answered why people are more expected to have this disorder known as OCD.

OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) encompasses undesirable and disturbing thoughts or obsessions that may become a cause of discomfort or anxiety. People having this disorder have disturbing thoughts and try to perform different rituals to calm themselves down. This is the reason why you may have seen people washing their hands continuously without any big reason. It isn’t natural but because of OCD.

Brain Safety Circuit
The results of the analysis identified four genes that are different in people who have OCD. The analysis was carried out on 56 different genes that were found in a study of dogs having the canine compulsive disorder (a common disorder found in dogs). This is a condition when the dogs repeat the same activity for several hours in a day – much like people with OCD do.

The four genes discovered are very active in a brain circuit and link the thalamus, cortex, and striatum regions. Those who don’t know, striatum involves learning and relays messages through the thalamus. From the thalamus, the messages are communicated to the cortex. At the cortex, the decisions are taken by the brain. People having OCD, this loop or sequence is disturbed and the flow of information is interrupted which is why they are not able to get a hold of their emotions.

Why is this Discovery a Good News?
The new discovery is a groundbreaking achievement that has revealed many secrets about this mental condition. Before this information was revealed, there were some treatment methods available that offered some benefits, but not that effectively and efficiently. As a result, the patients were not able to get rid of this disorder and the problem continued to grow for the patients, as well as, people associated with them.

Furthermore, there are more researches expected to be conducted by the scientists for the better treatment of the disorder. From this discovery, we can predict that more secrets will be unfolded in the future that will help a lot of patients get rid of this disturbing condition. Scientists are also very optimistic that they will develop some more effective drugs and medicines that will help in the effective treatment of the disorder.