Cancer is a fatal disease that kills a lot of people each year globally. Only in the United States of America, the death toll due to cancer is quite a lot. Due to the different treatment methods being discovered, the death rate has been controlled significantly. However, the number of affected people is still quite high. Good news is that scientists have identified 27 novel cancer genes to prevent cancer. According to Jonas Demeulemeester, they have uncovered the 27 novel tumor suppressor genes by making use of a latest arithmetical model. The list of the 27 novel tumor suppressor genes will follow soon.

How to Determine the Number of Lost Suppressor Gene?
Our cells have two copies of tumor suppressor genes that become a cause of cancer when they are lost in mutated cells. The double genes copy deletions can offer valuable information for tumor suppressor genes in cancer. Conversely, the matter is not that simple. Cancer samples usually contain both cancerous cells and healthy cells of unknown quantities. Having that said, it can be difficult to ascertain whether a single copy or both copies of the genes have been lost in the cancer cells. Similarly, it cannot be distinguished whether harmful tumor suppressor genes or non-harmful genes have been deleted.

The team of scientists has uncovered 27 such novel cancer genes that can prevent different types of cancer including breast, bowel, and lung cancer. The total amount of copies of genes in the cancer cells can be identified by determining the relative proportions of cancerous and healthy cells in all the collected samples. During the analysis, the scientists were able to find that human genome is regularly lost during the development phase of the tumor.

It was also revealed in the analysis that the harmful tumor suppressor gene deletions have an entirely dissimilar DNA as compared to non-harmful deletions. The new discovery has also eliminated the myths about the genes to be causing cancer. According to one of the scientists, the studies have confirmed that tumor suppressor genes can be identified through analysis of the number of copies of genes in given cancer samples at a wider scale.

With this new discovery, scientists are optimistic that cancer would be controlled to a significant level in the future and many precious lives could be saved. Moreover, this has also provided a platform where more treatment methods will be uncovered to help more people. Previously, the treatment of cancer resulted in the death of healthy cells that can make the situation worse for the patient and make the survival difficult. Through the findings of this discovery, there are bright chances that more people would be helped to prevent cancer in the first hand and develop drugs that could actually play a vital role in curing cancer and helping mankind.