Elephants have some amazing genes. We all are aware that abnormal growth is often linked to cancer. People who are abnormally tall tend to be at a higher risk of cancer but the same is not true for elephants. Elephants are huge and live a long life and yet they are not prone to cancer as compared to us, humans.

The reasons why Elephants are not prone to cancer:
Humans have one copy of a gene called p53, this gene is known to fix mutated DNA and Elephants have 20 p53 genes which can explain the low rate of cancer.  In a new study, we have found a huge network of genes whose name is the Fanconi anemia pathway. Humans whose cells or gene is damaged in this pathway tend to be very prone to cancer but the same is not the case with elephants. Elephant’s immunity is very strong; they can recover damaged cells really quickly as compared to us humans.

How can we use this amazing piece of news?
This beautiful news can be used in finding a new way to fight the evilest source on this planet, cancer. 8.2 million deaths are caused by cancer every year and this can all be stopped if we try our best to find new ways.
Humans and animals have a lot common within themselves, for example, those funky ears we see are called Stahl’s ears and we have that in common with the bats. Humans and other mammals do share a lot of the same DNA but there are certainly some differences.

We can manipulate our genes and find out new ways to improve the way we humans live, for example, holding our breath underwater can be seen as a problem but the same is not the case with dolphins and we need to see how they manipulated their cells.

Some tumors mostly contain cancerous cells but what we do not know is that some of our healthy cells are mixed in together with the cancerous cells. Most of the cancerous cells tend to be very aggressive and scientists are trying to find out new ways to demolish or slow down these aggressive cancerous cells, in a new study carried out they found out that breast cancer cells slowed down when they were treated by some drops of marijuana.

We are all aware that mutating the human cells is dangerous but till what cost will we go to finish this reign of cancer.