Kids love their snacks! In fact, it is their favorite time of the day when they get their hands on the snacks they love to eat. Those sweet cookies, wafers, and savory chips are found in almost every household that kids love to munch whenever they get their hands on them. Parents, in the current times, need to be more careful than ever when it comes to arranging snacks for their little ones. They should be well aware of the fact that snacks with lesser nutritional value or high-calorie count can lead to obesity and other such issues.

If you have a kid and are worried about their obesity and poor stamina, you must keep a tab on their snacking pattern; consuming too many snacks at odd hours of the day may lead to health-related issues in them. The findings of a recent study can help you in this feat. It concluded that snacking pattern among kids is highly influenced by their genetics. This particular study was published in the journal Nutrient.

Simply put, if a kid likes to have snacks with high sugar count, the reason for their preference towards sweet snacks could be their gene related to their liking. Hence, if your kid is more inclined towards eating those sugary and high-fat cookies as snacks, it may be the time for you to take the actions now.

This particular study was conducted to investigate the growing issue of obesity among kids. Due to unhealthy eating habits, more and more kids are getting affected by numerous issues such as obesity. This hampers their performance and growth as it has an adverse effect on their health.

Because of their preference towards certain snacks, kids often end up avoiding healthy foods that have high nutrient value. They instead, satisfy their appetite with such snacks that are high on calorie count which leads to numerous health issues among kids, with obesity being the most common one.

All in all, it is the responsibility of parents to arrange healthy snacks for their kids. They need to select snacks for their little ones that are rich in nutrients and pose no risk to their health. Giving them healthy snacks to munch at the right time can limit the possibility of them suffering from obesity and other related issues.