Research on the effects of heavy drinking on DNA has been a part of science labs for quite a while now. Different experiments have taken place in order to identify how alcoholism can not only affect the health of human body but can also alter their DNA or some specific genes for that matter.

while the concept has been a part of our understanding for some time, different researches which are being done comes up with something new and adds on to the already present material on the above mentioned topic, just like the research done in Rutgers University. The findings of the following research are to be set as an example for further studies and how to incorporate different factors, particularly the control factors. Measuring the changes in your genes due to excessive drinking can be a difficult task as you don’t know if the changes that are occurring are due to alcohol only or are there any other factors that you might not have controlled or at least monitored in order to make sure they do not affect the final results.

The genes that were taken into account specifically in the context of drinking habits were following: Per2 which is somewhat linked with the brain functions and POMC which is known to be the stress response gene. The changes that occurred in these genes can be described by the one word process known as methylation. This change was noticed after the experiment ended in binge and heavy drinkers, not the regular ones as there were total three different categories of people who engage with alcohol in order to have a complete idea of to what extent does alcoholism affects human body.

Another fact which was a result of this research was that this process of your gene getting altered does not stop there, it further affects the person as it results in an even greater craving of alcohol which eventually results in some kind of incurable disease. The use of this kind of researches is primarily to spread awareness about how slight changes in your DNA can result in major behavioral changes further resulting in consequences that can get even more difficult for you to deal with.