Why Do Mosquitoes Have the Tendency to Bite Humans

There are various different kinds of studies and researches regarding the genetic variants of mosquitos that allows them to bite human beings spreading a large number of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, zika and yellow fever. As we all know that humans produce certain types of chemicals in their skins such as lactic acid and insects such as mosquitos tend to feed on them. According to some scientists and researchers, a large number of mosquitos are usually attracted to a specific kind of blood type preferably blood type 0. There is still a lot of debate and misconceptions regarding this statement therefore, it is not referred to as a viable source of information.

Why are mosquitoes attracted towards you

According to experts, mosquitos do have their blood-sucking preferences and they might prefer some human beings over others. Female mosquitos usually suck blood out of humans in order to fertile their eggs but that is not the case with male mosquitos. Your genetics have a huge impact on the liking of the mosquitos. According to scientists, people with high concentration of steroids and cholesterol on their skin surface attract a large number of blood sucking mosquitos. Some studies have also shown that people who produce a large amount of uric acid or carbon dioxide from heavy breathing, are likely to be bitten by mosquitos more often.

What are the effects of mosquito bite

After you’re exposed to a mosquito bite there are a few types of issues that you may have to come across. Some of them include lesions, fever, hives, inflammation, fatigue, severe headache, anaphylaxis, nausea, rashes, and muscle weakness. There are very high to 0% effects on your body once you’re bitten by a mosquito. If the symptoms are leaning towards severity, you need to hurry up and consult a doctor. Any negligence might result in you suffering from malaria, dengue fever or zika virus.

What can you do to prevent it

If you’re an obese person you must know that mosquitos will always be more attracted towards you. You can start getting back into shape if you want to get rid of mosquito attacks. Besides that, you can always use mosquito repellents and try to get rid of s dirty water across your home. Heat and sweat attract mosquitos, therefore, you need to be clean and sweat proof at all times. Keep your surroundings clean and remove all sorts of stale food items immediately.