Third-Hand Smoke Damages Human Cells
Millions of people love to smoke on a daily basis but not everyone is aware of the various effects it causes on the environment as well as people around them. Smoking comes in multiple types and kinds and whether you’re using an electronic device to smoke or a regular cigarette, you are unknowingly putting others under threat.  Before going into detail, it is important to know about the exact meaning of third-hand smoke. According to various records, dangers of third-hand smoke were introduced in 2006 which stated that third-hand smoke is actually the smoke residue which can remain on fabric, furniture or floor for multiple years effecting the people unknowingly.

How does it begin
It was widely believed that only first hand and second-hand smoke used to affect the health of people around you but after recent research, many researchers have finally come to the conclusion that even third-hand smoke can affect a person by entering into his respiratory system. Even if you’re in a room for several hours and a healthy person enters it after you’re done, there is a good chance for them getting effected by the residue in the air.

What do researchers say
According to researchers, only a few hours of third-hand smoke inhalation significantly altered gene expression in the nasal epithelium of healthy nonsmokers. According to a recent study, third-hand smoke can damage epithelial cells in the respiratory system, coercing those cells into a fight for survival. Researchers from the University of California took nasal scrapes from healthy nonsmoking people who were deliberately exposed to third-hand smoke for multiple hours. They extracted RNA via scrapes and experienced some serious gene expression changes. Right from the early 50s, many researchers have repeatedly stressed the harmful effects of third-hand smoke that are very dangerous especially for children.

What you don’t know
Even if you smoke at the terrace or outside your home, you are bringing inside nicotine via your clothes which is unknowingly affecting the people around you. Whether you were there or not while the smoker was smoking, you will somehow get effected via third-hand smoke that usually settles on surfaces like hair, clothing, furniture, carpets, wall paint, toys, etc. You must replace your carpets or bed sheets that have been exposed to smoking for multiple years. The residue does not go away that easily unknowingly affecting the respiratory system of your loved ones.