Not many people are blessed with a long and healthy life. In fact, in some countries, the average age has come down to 65 years. Only some have the privilege to live as long as 100 years, as they carry the longevity gene, also called the centenarian gene. Studies show that longevity gene decreases cardiovascular diseases and keeps a person healthy enough to live longer. Researchers are working to develop a procedure, model or medicine through which this gene can be offered to normal people so they can also enjoy a long and healthy life beside the lucky ones who have inherited the gene.

As per the study, researches are claiming that longevity gene rejuvenates blood vessels and combats heart-related diseases. People who live up to 100 years have longevity gene and a specific protein called BPIFB4; this protein is programmed by the longevity gene. In the past, the same research group had identified a variant of this gene, the so-called LAV (“longevity associated variant”), which prevails in people over 100 years of age. Recently, as part of an experiment, LAV-BPIFB4 gene was inserted in the DNA of mice as they tend to develop cardiovascular disease easily due to the consumption of high fat in their diets. Researchers are very happy with the results of this experiment as they claim that there was a significant improvement in the blood vessels and decrease in the fatty plaque deposits on the walls of arteries. Thus, LAV-BPIFB4 gene renewed the cardiovascular system of mice to its youthful potential. The similar experiment was also done on human blood vessels by directly putting the BPIFB4 protein into the blood vessels. Researchers were happy to receive the same results.

People who carry the longevity gene tend to have high amounts of BPIFB4 protein that’s why they live longer and healthier. If the research is successfully completed, then scientists can improve the health of the heart even with growing age. Those who do not naturally carry the gene will also be able to enjoy healthy heart. Having said that, still a lot of research needs to be done in order to come up with successful results. Researchers believe that it is possible to develop a model where the protein can be available to normal public to decrease cardiovascular disease because of aging. However, more experiments need to be done on the human body to find accuracy in results. Currently, the study is being done by Italian researchers and they are positive that they will be able to provide protection to the general public against heart diseases.