Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc., (Nasdaq:PACB) provider of the PacBio RS II Sequencing System, today announced that Macrogen Inc of Korea has been named a PacBio Certified Service Provider.

The PacBio Certified Service Provider Program is a global network of validated service organizations utilizing PacBio’s sequencing technology. PacBio Certified Service Providers undergo a standardized certification procedure to provide them with the most up-to-date training on PacBio sample processing and data analysis workflows. Certification provides a competitive advantage to service providers and helps to ensure that their customers will receive the highest-quality genetic analysis services using PacBio technology.

“We have overwhelming interest in PacBio sequencing from our global customers,” said Dr. Hyon-yong Chong, CEO of Macrogen. “By joining the PacBio Certified Service Provider program we can promote this great technology to more than 15,000 Macrogen global clients and provide the most versatile options to our customers.”

Last year, Macrogen announced it would use the PacBio RS II to create high-quality de novo human genome references for the Asian population, and use the technology to perform sequencing applications that cannot be done effectively with short-read sequencing technologies. These include full-length transcript sequencing, high-quality de novo assemblies of plant, animal and bacterial genomes, metagenome characterization, and targeting complex regions of the human genome such as the major histocompatibility region (including full-length sequencing of HLA genes).

“Since adopting the PacBio technology, we are operating the systems 24-7 and our high precision Asian genome assembly project progresses smoothly. For example, we are able to assemble an Asian diploid genome achieving N50 quality over 8 Mb using only a single PacBio library,” Dr. Chong added.

Ram Laxman, Ph.D., Pacific Biosciences’ President and General Manager, Asia Pacific, commented: “Macrogen is a leader in genomics services and we are delighted they chose to undergo the rigorous process of certification to help ensure delivery of the highest quality SMRT? sequencing data to their clients. Partnerships like this expand the access to this unique technology and support a range of sequencing applications in the human, animal, plant and microbial research areas.”