“What if my pet has a genetic disease?’ ‘What if he is not my pet?’ ‘How should I identify him even after I find him?’ Have you ever thought about these while you are owning lovely pets?

myPETGENE will take care of all your worries with Macrogen’s genetic testing service. It is possible because our pets also have DNA, namely gene, just like humans.


Do you want to know my babies are healthy?

myPETGENE gives an information of DNA which has all of your pet’s genetic data such as genetic mutations which are genetically inherited from parents. This information will enable you to care for your pet in a more specific way with early diagnosis of potential genetic diseases.


How could I identify my dog?

It can be solved by myPETGENE’s DNA Profiling. You can send your pet’s hair root or blood-stained to myPETGENE for comparative analysis to check whether it is your pet or not.


Do you want to check blood relationship of your pet?

You can proceed a parentage analysis testing to adopt healthy pet. You can find out by checking the blood relationship between parents dog with official pedigree certificate with your pet’s DNA.

There is the way to keep your lovely pet healthier and live with us.

Be with Macrogen myPETGENE.

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