This is a necessary news if you are a newlywed or like a greasy food.

It may be very true that fathers-to-be should also be have good health conditions when planning to have a family.

New research results released that daughters of fathers on high-fat diet before the female’s pregnancy, there is a higher chance of breast cancer in the future.

The research team of the University of San Paulo stated that the studies on that the lifestyle of males can influence the health conditions their offspring have been highly neglected, despite the fact that 50% of DNA comes from the male.

In this research project, an animal testing was conducted in order to find out whether the food consumed by the male affects the health of the offspring. To reach their findings, researchers fed groups of male rats three different types of food.


The research team experimented fed either a corn oil- or lard- based, high-fat diet and normal diet from which around 60% energy was derived from fat. Newly born rats of the experimented male rats with different diets, and a chemotherapy was conducted to induce the tumor. All female rats were raised in the same conditions.

However the results were that breast cancer had occurred for female offspring rats with male group of lard based high-fat diet.

Their tumor had occurred more in volume and grew faster in size than the ones which had a corn oil-based high-fat diet.

The research team had found further that sperms of the rat group with lard-based high-fat diet had brought a slight modification of DNA, and that DNA change was also found in the breast of the next generation.

In other words, the diet of males prior to pregnancy can influence the development of the next generation in the long run.

Thomas Ong, the lead professor of the research, had only studied the relationship between father and daughter, but mentioned that the sons of such fathers are also not safe from the risk of a different type of cancer.

However, the team also suggested that the altered DNA is not totally permanent. In turn, it means that health diet and exercising would un-change the genetic modification.

Professor Ong claimed “The lifestyle of a man is accumulated in the genes. The type of fat a man consumes may have a significant impact on their daughter’s risk for breast cancer,” and also stated that “Alternatively, a healthier lifestyle of the father could also potentially benefit the daughter.”

“If this is confirmed in human studies, potential breast cancer prevention strategies could be developed focusing on fathers’ diets during preconception.”

The research findings were published in the world’s renown academic journal, Breast Cancer Research.