A man, who was imprisoned 16 years, finally proved his innocence through DNA test.

International press such as Telegraph reported that Luis Lorenzo Vargas, who is in prison for 16years on a rape charge, was found not guilty. He wailed after judgment of an acquittal.

Vargas was given a life-time sentence for sexually assaulting three women in 1998 at southern LA. He claimed his innocence, but a faded teardrop tattoo underneath one eye haunted him because all three victims testified that perpetrator had two teardrop tattoo.

Moreover, Vargas couldn’t confirm his alibi. He insisted he was working at bakery, but there was no statement of service. Decisively, he had record of 3 years of imprisonment because he raped his girlfriend in 1992. This fact added to the weight of guilt.

Vargas consistently claimed his innocence, and DNA test could be proceeded by aid of civic group on December 2012. DNA from Vargas and DNA from victims’ clothes were discord, and he could prove he is innocence.

It was extremely fortunate that he could prove he is not guilty through DNA test. However, who can indemnify his lost 16years?

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