Scientists say that “Three parent” baby has been born using a controversial technique that takes DNA from three parents – the mother, the father and an egg donor.

According to New Scientist report, the mother who carries rare genetic mutation called Leigh syndrome, a lethal nervous system disease successfully delivered baby boy, now 8 month old. The mother in this case had healthy herself but had already had two children who died of Leigh syndrome. The DNA from this syndrome resides in the mitochondria DNA. Mitochondria DNA is only passed down to baby from mother side.

Dr. John Zhang group at New York City have conducted “Three parent” method of conception call “spindle nuclear transfer”. In this technique, the mother’s nucleus was collected from one of the mother’s eggs and insert it into a donor egg that had removed own nucleus. And then egg that have the mother’s nucleus along with a donor’s mitochondrial DNA was fertilized with the father’s sperm.

The New Scientist magazine pointed out this procedure was conducted in Mexico where does not have any regulations of three parent techniques. In the United State, this technique is still not allowed. Currently UK approves three-person babies.

Dr. Zhang told to New Scientist that he believe three parent technique is right concept for someone who suffer from rare mitochondrial DNA disorder, because “to save lives is the ethical thing to do”.

On the other hand, other experts had concerns thatet the faculty DNA doesn’t multiply and cause problems in baby boy’s lifer.