About Macrogen

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With excellent research staffs and nation’s best experts, Macrogen provides distinguishing services to many researchers around the world. Macrogen’s dedication to research keeps produces successful completion in large projects such as Korea Genome BAC Clone Map and Zymomonas mobilis Genome Project.


Macrogen Inc. provides all our valued customers with Oligo Synthesis service supported by the state of the art machinery and perfected LIMS system.
Our very own MOPCTM purification method that does not fall behind PAGE of HPLC purification method is included as a basic material of Oligo Synthesis service. All data are reviewed through MALDI-TOF to guarantee you the quality that may fulfill all standards.


As the first company having introduced Oligochip products in Korea, Macrogen has been developing and providing Microarray total solution to many customers all around the world.
Macrogen develops and sells various product lines such as MacArray™ Express Oligochip capable of identifying the degree of gene expression and MacArray™ Karyo capable of diagnosing human chromosome aberration, using microbes, mice, and human tissue samples.
In addition, the company designs and produces MacProbe™ consisting of various FISH Probe products.

Transgenic & Knockout Mouse

Macrogen, based on several years of experiences and technologies accumulated from Seoul National University Transgenic Research Institute, its predecessor, has established world-class transgenic and gene knockout technologies and services.
With advanced SPF facility newly set up, Macrogen is focusing on functional genomics research while providing transgenic/knockout mice covering the entire process ranging from vector design to delivery.


With Korea’s largest gene database with its world-recognized core competences, Macrogen has obtained excellent results in the field of Bioinformatics. Furthermore, with excellent BT & IT human resources at Bioinformatics Research Center, Macrogen provides a total of 6 services including database construction, Genome Research, and Bioinformatics comprehensive analysis system consulting services.